The Space We Occupy

Artist talk, March 30, 2022. Moderator Rachael Gilkey.


George Bolster, Neil Carroll, Colin Crotty, Katie Holten, Fiona Kelly, and Ailbhe Ní Bhriain 

"The title contains a multitude of meanings. It alludes to our relationship with place and time; from the macro to the micro—Earth’s place in the solar system, humankind’s time on Earth, the place we occupy in community, the physical space of the Irish Arts Center building and that occupied by the artist or viewer."—Miranda Driscoll 

In a multi-media activation of the public realms of 726 11th Avenue, six artists representing the breadth and depth of contemporary Irish visual arts use installation, photography, print and drawing, as well as paint and plaster—the physical materials of the building’s renovation—to mark the opening of the New Irish Arts Center and invite the viewer to consider the space we occupy during our short time on Earth.

Exhibition: December 4, 2021–May 21, 2022.


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