Instrument Rentals and Purchases


Strings and Other Things
1995 Broadway
6th Floor
Print out e-mail confirmation of class registration for student discount. 

String Works

Johnson String Instruments

David Gage String Instruments
36 Walker Street


At the moment the IAC is not aware of any locally available rentals, but the instruments can be purchased at these sites:

IAC recommends the 14 in or 18 in, with a tunable interior. 

Tin Whistle

Tin whistles can be purchased in class for $15.


A limited number of harps are available to rent directly from the instructor. Contact Mia Theodoratus via email at to make arrangements.


Instructor Tom Downes recommends a standard polypenco practice chanter from:

John Nisbet, Pipers Cove  212 Kearny Ave.  Kearny, NJ.  201-998-3695 or 201-998-9474  He can FedEX in one day.

Dance Shoes 

Sansha New York  Sells many kinds of dance products, Irish dance soft shoes (Ghillies), movement shoes, dance shoes, dance leotards, and pointe shoes etc. Sansha will give the 10% discount whenever people come to the store from IAC.

888 8th Avenue (on 53rd street, between Broadway and 8th Ave)   New York, NY 10019  212-246-6212


A limited number of concertinas are available to rent directly from the instructor. Contact Douglas Barr via email at to make arrangements.

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